Art for Sale

I’ve recently partnered with artist, John R. Wannall, and am currently selling his art prints on Etsy.  If you are interested, please check out my Etsy store and purchase one of these Pop Art prints. All rights remain with the artist, John Wannall. The purchaser is granted possession of the artwork but permission must be sought for any reproduction rights from the artist. Which means you cannot reproduce any of my artwork without permission from me first.

Week One: Discovering Paganism

Day One: I came to learn about Paganism many years ago when I was just a teenager.  It was a belief system that called to me more than any other religion every could.  The very first book I ever read on the subject was Raymond Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft.  It was the beginning of a very long journey for me. When I was 24, my kids were born and I decided that the structure of a church would be the best for raising them.  So, we began attending St. Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church near where I lived at the time.  It was good to have the community, but changes in the church dynamic started to turn me off and I no longer had the since of “home” that it once provided me. So, for a time, I was wandering lost.  I still attempted to hold onto to the Christian faith, but it slowly became more of a chore

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#Metoo Have you seen this hashtag lately? It’s all over social media. The purpose of the hashtag is to bring awareness to the fact that women have been sexually harassed and/or sexually assaulted. The more the hashtag appeared on my feed, the more I realized that all of the powerful women I know were brought […] via I Am Aradia! — The Cave of Oracle