The Life of My Cat (a very poor attempt at humor on my part)



“Okay, human, you may feed me now.”

“No, not THAT food.  The other food.  The GOOD food.  Yes, that’s it.  Good Human.  Now get out of my way so I can eat.”

“Stupid squirrel. I will kill you someday.  Get away from my house.  You are unworthy to be in my presence. Take that horrid bird with you, too.”

Bathroom Break

“Oh, look, a bag! It tastes yummy! Oh, no, my stomach hurts now.  Human, you need to clean this up, it’s disgusting!”

“Get off your computer and pet me, human.  Fine, this keyboard looks comfortable.  You weren’t trying to type something, were you?  It wasn’t very good anyway.  Pet me.”

“Is it dinnertime already?  My stomach says its dinnertime.  I can’t tell time, stupid human!  My stomach says I’m hungry so feed me already!”


Bathroom Break

“Hey, human, why are you sleeping?  You are supposed to brush my luxurious fur now.  Stop sleeping and pay attention to me!  Wake up!”

“Oh, look, a bag!”


I am a 43-year-old, single mom of 19-year-old boy/girl twins living in an extremely small town in rural Texas. Currently, I am employed as a Site Supervisor for a prominent corporation that provides security officers for homes and businesses.

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