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Public Speaking Isn’t for the Weak

A story that includes the line:  “This has gone too far.”

Flash Fiction:  300 words or less

Karen trembled as she made her way up the stairs to the stage.  She absolutely hated public speaking and here she was about to give a speech to hundreds of teenage kids who couldn’t care less about what she had to say.

What was she thinking?  She couldn’t do this!  These kids will eat her alive in no time!  She knew which ones were known for heckling.  They were in some of her classes.  She’d had to cut them down to size a few times for their horrid behavior.  And here she was about to offer herself up on a platter to these spoiled brats!

That’s it!  This has gone too far.  She needed to stop making herself sick with worry.  She could do this!  She just needed to breathe.  A few more steps and she would be at the podium.  Just breathe!

“Good afternoon,” she began and smiled at the crowd of bored students.


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