National Virus Appreciation Day – October 3rd

vi·rus [vahy-ruhs]

noun, plural vi·rus·es. ultramicroscopic (20 to 300 nm in diameter), metabolically inert, infectious agent that replicates only within the cells of living hosts, mainly bacteria, plants, and animals: composed of an RNA or DNA core, a protein coat, and, in more complex types, a surrounding envelope.

2.Informal. viral disease.

3.a corrupting influence on morals or the intellect; poison.

4.a segment of self-replicating code planted illegally in a computer program, often to damage or shutdown a system or network.

1590–1600;  < Latin vīrus  slime, poison; akin to ooze2

Related forms

vi·rus·like, adjective

an·ti·vi·rus, adjective

Based on these definitions and the fact that no information can be found on the originators of this day, it’s difficult to figure out exactly what the originators intended.  So, I guess we can appreciate viruses that make us sick, we could appreciate the viruses that corrupt Congress, er, I mean morals and intellect, or we can appreciate the viruses that corrupt our computers on a regular bases and cause IT personnel to complain incessantly… 😉

Personally, I’m just going to sit back and appreciate the fact that I am not sick, I am not a member of Congress and I have a Mac.  Sounds good to me.

How will you be enjoying your Virus Appreciation Day?  Please leave your comments below.


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I am a 43-year-old, single mom of 19-year-old boy/girl twins living in an extremely small town in rural Texas. Currently, I am employed as a Site Supervisor for a prominent corporation that provides security officers for homes and businesses.

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