Lovers’ Triangle

Blogging Circle of Friends:  Day 349 Prompt:  Awkward love triangles. Have you ever been in one? Tell about it and how it was resolved. If not, write a story about one.

I would say that I am guilty of being in several love triangles in my life.  Mostly this is because I can never let go of those I love, so I end up staying friends with almost all of my ex-boyfriends.  This is a problem when those same ex-boyfriends remain in love with me while I am dating other people.  It’s only really been a problem once.  When an ex-boyfriend would constantly put down the guys I was dating until he finally admitted that he didn’t want me dating anyone but him.  Would have been nice had the relationship between us worked out, but let’s just say that you really can’t go back to the way things once were.  People change and not always for the better.


I am a 43-year-old, single mom of 19-year-old boy/girl twins living in an extremely small town in rural Texas. Currently, I am employed as a Site Supervisor for a prominent corporation that provides security officers for homes and businesses.

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