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Favorite Character

BlogHer, November 4, 2013 Prompt:  Who is your favorite character of all time?

My favorite character of all time is Vanyel Ashkevron from Mercedes Lackey’s Last Herald Mage Series.  I love him because Mercedes managed to work so much detail into his existence that he became real to me.  I fell in love with him.  I felt every ounce of emotion he felt.  I felt every triumph and every failure.

Picture borrowed from: Copyright remains that of the original owner.
Picture borrowed from:
Copyright remains that of the original owner.

Many characters have come to life for me over the years, but none have been so clearly defined as Vanyel.  He was a person who suffered from abuse because he was different.  He fell in love at a hopelessly young age with a person of the same gender as he was, causing his father to disown him.  He lost his soul mate to suicide.  He was raped. He eventually found love again.  In other words, this character was so very human in so many ways.  I could relate to him on almost every level.

Who is your favorite character?  Please leave your comments below.

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  1. when east meets west, there is a wall , full of prejudice and hatred, so high it can never joined up, for the world to survive, it must come down, along comes a rebellious christian priest with a passion for living, budha, dali lama, and creates a fire everywhere, so much so, they can’t ignore it. Father O’Che, a cross between man/woman/ playboy with a heart that is pure gold, that even the smartest demon can’t penetrate,’s the story iof the world and along the way he finds Love in large numbers too, and manages to unite heaven and earth…really

  2. This is so very difficult. I am going to say Lessa from Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series is my favorite character, because I can identify with her in a lot of ways — including her relationship with F’lar. It is similar to my relationship with my partner, especially in the early years.

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