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Dr. Pepper Day

30-Day Bloggers Group:  November 9, 2013 Prompt:  Create a ridiculous holiday to celebrate. You can use your holiday to rant about holidays in general, or go the opposite direction and create a silly holiday for something that you can’t live without.


Dr. Pepper Day – November 9, 2013.  Created by a crazy lady who just can’t stop drinking the stuff.  She even has a purse and a wallet made from recycled Dr. Pepper cans.  Ways to celebrate:  Go to the store and buy all the Dr. Pepper you can afford, drink all the Dr. Pepper you can in one day, make arts and crafts from the recycled cans.  Basically, support the Dr. Pepper industry in whatever way you possibly can.  You can also send gifts to the crazy lady who invented this weird holiday.  Have fun!


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