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Busted Halo Microchallenge: Courage to Take Action

Today, have the courage to take action on something you’ve been putting off.

There isn’t anything currently that I have lacked the courage to take action on, so I decided to head over to to check out some petitions and see if anything fired up my sense of justice.

I noticed immediately that a petition I had signed had actually been successful and the young man who was wrongfully convicted of murder was freed from prison in early November.  I was very happy to see that the petition had worked.  Good luck Ryan Ferguson!  Best wishes for a bright and happy future!

I think I found a petition I can confidently put my name to.  Preston King is fighting to get his son returned to him who was put up for adoption without his consent.  The court determined that since he had not been married to the mother that he wasn’t presumed to be the legal father.  My feeling on this is that the court should have insisted on more due diligence before allowing this child to be placed up for adoption.  So many children are placed in homes, grow attached to their family, only to be rightfully stripped away from them because the biological parents end up fighting the adoptions after the fact.  This isn’t fair to the child by any means.  Something needs to be done to better protect them.


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