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Feeling Under the Weather

I’m not feeling too good today.  I started feeling nauseous last night, but I thought it might just go away with some sleep.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  I still feel nauseous today.  I hate being sick, so I seriously hope that this won’t last long.

Just a thought for today, I found this information regarding the phrase “under the weather”:

Feeling ‘Under the Weather’

One would assume the phrase “under the weather” would refer to people usually getting stricken with cold or flu during the winter months. But the origins of the term we equate with feeling sick is not related to cold weather at all.

Instead, “under the weather” is a saying with a nautical background. Sailors and passengers on ships would get ill or seasick during their journey. Sick passengers were ordered to go below deck, which was believed to be the most stable part of the ship as well as a shelter from the weather. This was to ensure a speedy recovery from whatever was ailing them.

“[A passenger would] be protected from the elements — literally ‘under the weather’ — and this became a synonym for being ill,” McFedries pointed out.

Source:  ABC News


I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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