Foodstamps, Medicaid and Welfare

I see a lot of posts from people saying “Get a Job”, “The Government isn’t your Baby Daddy”, etc. when it comes to people receiving government assistance.  Every time I see these posts it makes me filled with rage and the ignorance of some of the human race.

I have been gainfully employed and paying taxes since I was 15 years old.  I was 24 years old and single when I became pregnant.  Yes, this was my choice and I don’t regret a single second of it.  I was also employed full-time in a fairly decent paying job with full health benefits.  I gave birth to beautiful boy/girl twins in December of 1998.

At that time I learned that placing my children in daycare so I could continue working my full-time job would cost approximately $375 per week, which comes to $19.500 per year (only a few thousand less than what I was earning, and more than what my take home pay was).  I tried to apply for subsidy, but was denied because I was earning too much money to qualify.  I then went to DCFS and applied for assistance just for the daycare so I could continue to work.  Again, I was denied because I earned too much income.  When I spoke with a social worker, I was told that I would have to quit my job in order to qualify.

Seriously?  I was told to quit a decent paying job that gave me full medical benefits, 401K, disability insurance, dental insurance, paid time off, etc. just so I could receive daycare assistance.  In turn, this would also force me onto Foodstamps, Medicaid and Welfare.  How does this system even remotely make sense?  It’s kind of like Medicaid refusing to pay for birth control pills, but having no problem paying for the birth of a child and the medical expenses of said child up until the age of 18 and beyond.  Makes no financial sense in my opinion.  Rather than offer some sort of subsidized assistance for daycare so that I may stay off of Foodstamps, Medicaid and Welfare, they would rather pay for it all.

I managed to work through it by having my mother watch the children for me and then finally putting them into private daycare until they turned old enough to enter public school.  I did end up losing the well-paying job and having to take work that made me earn much less and lose my medical insurance, so I ended up on Foodstamps and Medicaid at various parts of my life.

To those who think they know everything, please stay out of other people’s business.  Until you walk a thousand miles in another person’s shoes, you have absolutely no idea what you are even talking about, so just stay quiet.  If you want to know more, ask someone.  But never assume you know anything about that person’s life.

I work and pay into the system that affords me the RIGHT to use the benefits that are offered to me when they are needed.

I’m not saying that there aren’t people who abuse the system.  I’m only saying that you have no idea who those people are.


I am a 43-year-old, single mom of 19-year-old boy/girl twins living in an extremely small town in rural Texas. Currently, I am employed as a Site Supervisor for a prominent corporation that provides security officers for homes and businesses.

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