Daily Prompt: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…

…for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.   “An asteroid is heading for Earth.  It is predicted that no one will survive the disaster.  There is mayhem in the streets.  Looters are destroying all the stores.  Chaos is all around us.”  ~Click~  Katherine turned off the tv. “I can’t watch the news anymore.  It’s all doom and gloom,” she said as she tossed the remote onto the coffee table and plopped her little body down on the couch.  She began twirling her long brown hair with her fingers.  “We should throw a party!” she exclaimed.  “A huge blowout!  An End of the World party!  What do you think?” Russell considered the idea for a moment.  “I guess we might as well.  We have nothing to lose at this point.  Who should we invite?” “Everyone!  Your family, my family, all of our friends. 

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Wedding Nightmares

“With this hand, I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way in darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine” – The Corpse Bride, Tim Burton Patrick Singer & Susan Lund would like you to join them as they exchange vows. Six o’clock in the evening on October 31, 2013 St. Ignatius Church, Halloweentown, PA Smart, casual dress is preferred.   Susan was getting excited as she got ready for her wedding.  She had waited so many years to finally meet the man that she was going to spend the rest of her life with and finally the day had come.  They were both nerds to an extreme degree, so it was only fitting that they would join together in holy matrimony on Halloween.  Tonight she would become Mrs. Patrick Singer.  Susan Singer.  She loved the sound. Everything seemed perfect so far. 

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  The number of photos in the album Is a testament to my age. The sides are bent and marred But they inevitably set the stage. I’ve lived a life full of regulations It is time to relax and unwind. The laws of youth have been good to me But now is the time to be less confined.   Inspired by:  3 Words Related articles threewordsaday (cothsars.wordpress.com) My 3 Words #24 (emilykarn.wordpress.com) My 3 Words # 45 (emilykarn.wordpress.com) 3 Words a Day! 20/10/2013 (mindofcarnage.com) My 3 Words # 44 (emilykarn.wordpress.com) My 3 Words # 50 (emilykarn.wordpress.com)

Sneak Peek Trouble

It was obvious from the audience During the sneak peek That the cast was having trouble With the rundown of the facts   Inspired by:  3 Words Related articles threewordsaday (cothsars.wordpress.com) Reaching Out With WordPress (joantwarren.com) My 3 Words #24 (emilykarn.wordpress.com)

Bad Habits

She had many faults, many bad habits.  An exploration of Angelique’s nature made James realize she was far from perfect.  She kept him on a tether leash of sorts.  She wouldn’t let them out of her sight if they were out of the condo.  He knew she worried about him, but it was rather stifling. He was pretty certain she didn’t even realize that she was doing it half the time.  It was almost as if there was a magnetic pull that automatically drew her to him if he so much as made a single step of departure from her. But, God, he had to admit that he loved her anyway.  He loved the way she would just stop mid-sentence at times and stare out the window.  He loved the way she would dance around the living room while he was trying to read a book.  He loved the way she would demand to go out even when all he

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Children’s Viewpoint

The greatest thing off the top of my head is having a frank discussion with my children about the existence of Heaven and Hell.  Children are very open and honest about such things and they will surprise you with the depth of their ability to grasp complicated things and make them seem so simple and effortless.  Never underestimate the power of a child’s way of thinking.  They often have the answers that we as adults lack.   Inspired by:  3 Words  

Bold Fear

Calmly saying goodbye to the light Only to welcome the wary stranger Nestled alone like a mystery Darkness hides the danger Instead you face your adversary Thirsty for the knowledge they hold Instinct tells you to run Obstinacy makes you bold Never fearing the things in the dark Elm trees hide the evil figure Daring you this Halloween night Inspired by: 3 Words Related articles My 3 Words # 38 (emilykarn.wordpress.com)

Gentle Weather

The alarm clock blares and I place my bare feet on the frozen tiled floor. The temperature has dropped outside by a good 20 degrees since yesterday. I dislike cold weather with a passion. I prefer gentler temperatures that aren’t as harsh. No frozen winters for me. No blazing hot summers either. Give me a gentle spring rain or the crispy colored leaves of autumn. Inspired by: 3 Words and Daily Prompt

Wonderful Muse

The cable went out, which was a blessing. It just so happened to be my release to write the greatest manuscript ever. The wonderful muse of less distractions. Inspired by: 3 words Related articles Don’t Wait for your Muse: 2013 365 Challenge #273 (writermummy.wordpress.com)