31 Days of Halloween – Day 31

Day 31 – Why do you love Halloween? I love Halloween because it is the one time of the year that it is perfectly acceptable to be something/someone you’re not.  An ordinary person can transform into another character for one night and forget about who they really are.  You can (somewhat) forget that you are a mother or a father; you can forget that there are bills to pay and mouths to feed; you can forget that your relationship sucks or that you are still single; you can forget that there are a million chores that need to be done around the house or that your boss is waiting for something to be finished.  You can become a witch or a warlock, a ghost or a demon, a favorite character or actor.  You can become anything that you want for just one night.   This is why I love Halloween.   Advertisements

31 Days of Halloween – Day 29

Day 29 – Some schools are banning Halloween celebrations because of the religious roots of the holiday. Do you agree or disagree with such a ban? I’m of two minds on this one.  On one hand I believe that there is a separation of church and state, therefore public schools should not recognize any religious holiday (including Christmas).  I know, I know.  Technically it’s not a “Christmas Break” it’s a “Winter Break” and technically it’s not a “Christmas Party” it’s a “Holiday Party”.  But a rose by any other name is still a rose. Therefore, unless you are willing to ban these other celebrations, then Halloween should stand.  There are my two minds.  I believe that if you are going to have one, then you should allow them all, but I’m alright with the banning of them all in public schools. But, let’s face it, we have become so “politically correct” in modern times that we are taking the fun

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31 Days of Halloween – Day 28

Day 28 – Your Halloween Plans This Year I don’t really have any specific plans for Halloween this year.  We live in the middle of a forest, so it is highly unlikely that we will get any trick-or-treaters.  I might try to convince my kids to check out the activities downtown, but they do tend to be geared more towards younger children.  I’m kind of hoping my son might get invited to go somewhere with his friends (my daughter is still sick at home).  I’d like to see my son get more involved with things outside of his Xbox. What are your plans this year?  Please leave your comments below.  As always, thank you for reading.  

31 Days of Halloween – Day 27

Day 27 – What would you love to dress up as if money and time wasn’t an object? If money and time was no object, I would definitely give anything to dress up as the TARDIS.  I found this really great dress that somebody made for Dragon Con and I would love to do something similar. What would you go as?  Please leave your comments below.  Thank you for reading. Related articles My First Cosplay Experience (theblankcanvasofageekdotcom.wordpress.com) For all you cosplay enthusiasts! (anoraksoasispodcast.wordpress.com) Top 10 Naruto Female Cosplay (dailyanimeart.com) Cosplay is not Consent: The Dragon Con Edition (thegeekiary.com) Is Cosplay Copyright Infringement? (nerdybutflirty.com) 8 cosplays of zombies (technologyka.wordpress.com) Cosplay So Good They Made A Movie For It (kotaku.com) League of Legends cosplay: Darkflame Shyvana (geeknative.com) Cosplay Friday #48 (nerdist.com) How To Do A Hetalia Hong Kong Cosplay? (cosplayshoes.wordpress.com)

31 Days of Halloween – Day 26

Day 26 – Are you afraid of bats?   Originally I would have said that, no, I am not afraid of bats.  They tend to mind their own business unless frightened and they eat a bunch of offending insects that I don’t like.  So, for the most part, I would say that we could have a nice relationship leaving each other alone. Then one night I went to get something off the laundry line and something flew out at me and hit my neck.  It was furry, fluttery and a decent size.  It was too large to be an insect, so it was either a bird or a bat.  I’m leaning towards bat because it felt furry, and not feathery.  But I can’t be certain to either one because it was too dark to see. That scared me to death!  But, I think under normal circumstances I can honestly say that I am not afraid of bats in general.  They

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31 Days of Halloween – Day 25

Day 25 – Have you ever used an Ouija board? Experiences?   First of all, I would like to address something that has always bothered since I was a young child.  It’s the pronunciation of the word “Ouija”.  It is NOT pronounced “wee-jee”.  It is pronounced “wee-ja”.  This is seriously a pet peeve of mine and drives me absolutely insane when someone says it incorrectly. Okay, now that that is done, let’s move on to the history of the Ouija board.  The first noted reference to automatic writing occurs in China in 1100 AD found in historical documents of the Song Dynasty.  The first patent on the toy was issued on February 10, 1891.  As you can see it has an extremely long history. Onto the question.  Yes, I have used a Ouija board on several occasions.  I do not recommend it to anyone.  It opens a doorway to things that you cannot see and cannot control. There are those

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31 Days of Halloween – Day 24

Day 24:  Favorite Halloween Song   This is a tough one!  I like a few songs for Halloween that aren’t technically “Halloween Songs”.  For instance, Moon Over Bourbon Street is one of my favorites. Here is my list: Moon Over Bourbon Street Don’t Fear the Reaper Monster Mash Thriller Time Warp This is Halloween Phantom of the Opera I think that’s a decent enough list for the moment.  What’s your list?  Please post your comments below and feel free to pingback with your list.  Thank you for reading! Related articles Halloween Music (julielcook.wordpress.com) Halloween Time (sosinead24.wordpress.com) Music for The Spooky Season (alittlesipoflemmonade.wordpress.com) Halloween Time!!! (luckymusicdip.wordpress.com) October Faves Playlist (degreeofchange.wordpress.com) Harvest Hoedown & Halloween… (youthscope.wordpress.com) The Damned Halloween Playlist (Monster Mash not included) (americanoflondon.wordpress.com)

31 Days of Halloween – Day 23

Day 23:  Trick-or-Treating or Halloween Party? When I was a kid, I probably would have said both, but nowadays I think it would be Halloween Party.  I always find these great ideas for parties, but am never able to throw a party year after year.  It’s on my bucket list, though.  I will throw a Halloween party before I die. Halloween Party Ideas for adults: As the guests arrive tape a piece of paper to their back with the name of a Halloween movie character written on it.  The guests ask each other questions to try and figure out the name taped on their back. (Fisher, 2013) Halloween Camera Scavenger Hunt:  Split your guests into groups, give them a list of things to find, have the run around town taking pictures of the items on the list.  Whoever returns to the house first with pictures of all the items on their list wins a special gift bag. (Fisher, 2013) Halloween Party Recipes

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31 Days of Halloween – Day 22

Day 22:  Worst Halloween Candy I had to really think about this one, because I remember receiving candy that I didn’t like, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what they were.  Remember, I’m ancient (not really, but I like to tell people that).  So, I Googled “Worst Halloween Candy” and managed to find Bit-O-Honey.  I hated those things.  I always ended up giving them to my father, who, for some unknown reason, actually liked them.  Personally, I think he was just desperate for candy and took whatever he could get. So, what do you think is the worst Halloween candy?  Please leave your comments below.  Thank you for reading! Related articles The Worst Halloween Candy (y98.cbslocal.com) Finding The Best, Worst Halloween Candy For Your Health (minnesota.cbslocal.com) Give This, Not That: Halloween Edition (tanyakonerman.wordpress.com) Best and worst Halloween candy for your teeth (seattlepi.com) 31 Days of Halloween – Day 10 (crowarrowinc.wordpress.com) 31 Days of Halloween – Day 15

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