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Birchbox – May 2015 Review

All this being said, I think I’m just going to cancel my Birchbox subscription. I’ve only really liked two of their products and it’s not worth it to keep spending the $10 per month for it.

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Beall’s/Estee Lauder Haul

So, about a month ago, my daughter and I went to a pre-sale event at Beall’s in which we purchased $35.00 worth of Estee Lauder merchandise and we were able to receive a free gift.  The catch was that one of your items and the free gift remained with them until at least today.  (Basically, they wanted you to come back to the store to purchase more merchandise.)  So, we got to pick up our stuff today.  (All the items I received today are technically sample sizes, but they will last me a very long time.)  Here is what I purchased: This was the free gift: To be honest, I really wouldn’t have spent the money if it wasn’t for the fact that my very good friend is a Makeup Counter Manager for Estee Lauder at my local Beall’s.  I try to support her whenever I can.  That being said, I still love the products.  I just really can’t afford

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April 2015 Birchbox Delivery

This is my first review for something like this.  In March, my daughter subscribed to Ipsy and receives free samples and full-size products on a monthly basis for only $10 per month.  I liked her bag, but we thought I should try Birchbox so we would be getting different items every month and we could share.  So, this is my first box from Birchbox. I must say that I really like the box, however, that being said, I’m not sure what do do with it.  It’s too nice to throw away, but I don’t really think I will have any use for it.  Ipsy items at least come with a makeup bag every month, that I would be able to use to organize my growing collection of products. The first item I am going to review is the jane iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain.  I received the sample size of this item and I’ve got to tell you

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