Busted Halo Microchallenge: Courage to Take Action

Today, have the courage to take action on something you’ve been putting off. There isn’t anything currently that I have lacked the courage to take action on, so I decided to head over to Change.org to check out some petitions and see if anything fired up my sense of justice. I noticed immediately that a petition I had signed had actually been successful and the young man who was wrongfully convicted of murder was freed from prison in early November.  I was very happy to see that the petition had worked.  Good luck Ryan Ferguson!  Best wishes for a bright and happy future! I think I found a petition I can confidently put my name to.  Preston King is fighting to get his son returned to him who was put up for adoption without his consent.  The court determined that since he had not been married to the mother that he wasn’t presumed to be the legal father.  My feeling

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Busted Halo Microchallenge – December 4, 2013

Don’t immediately respond to texts, phone calls or the urge to report your every move on Facebook today. It can wait. Instead be present to the moment and whom you’re with. Interestingly enough, I tend to do this everyday.  I don’t own a cell phone at the moment and I don’t even have voice mail on my landline.  Lately most of the posts I put on Facebook are from my blog, so no big updates there.  I’m not a huge technology freak.  I don’t even have cable.  About the only thing I do have is this computer and I will admit to not being able to live without it.  It is my lifeline here in the middle of nowhere.

Busted Halo Microchallenge

Today, after a long weekend of spending in stores and online, participate in #GivingTuesday to kick off the giving season. Donate $10 or more to help Busted Halo continue to bring you moments of hope and inspiration during Advent and throughout the year. While Busted Halo is definitely a worthy cause, there are many other charities that you may wish to donate to as well.  One of them that is personally near my heart this season is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  A very dear friend passed away back in August from this disease.  They are making strides towards improving quality of life for those that suffer from cystic fibrosis, but every little bit helps towards hopefully finding a cure so that nobody has to deal with losing a loved one to this illness. But there are still many other worthy charities.  Please feel free to post a link to a charity that is important to you in the comments below.

Christmas Gifts of Love

Busted Halo Microchallenge Today, make a list of alternative Christmas gifts or gifts that won’t cost a thing to give this year. Here are some ideas. Here are five of my ideas to give gifts that don’t cost anything: Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk or driveway.  If you live in an area where there is no snow, do some other yard work for them. Take a meal to a homeless person and sit with them and have a conversation with them while you eat. Read Christmas stories to the children who are stuck in the hospital. Help a family member decorate their house for the holidays. Hug your children, no matter how old they are.