BlogHer Prompt:  Friday, November 29, 2013: You’re almost there! Tell us how you feel about endings.   Endings.  I hate endings to good books.  I always wish that they could last forever.  I feel the same way about TV series.  But then there are things that don’t end that I wish would.  Like certain memories that continue to plague long after time has passed. I very much enjoyed participating in NaBloPoMo, but I am looking forward to getting back to some more of my creative writing.  I will continue to blog as well, but I will be focusing more on poetry and short stories in December. I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and plan on continuing to follow those I have been reading this month. Advertisements

First Blog Post

BlogHer Prompt:  Thursday, November 28, 2013:  How do you feel about the first blog post you ever wrote?   https://crowarrowinc.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/surprise-twins/   My first blog was about my twins being born.  I’m fairly proud of the blog post.  It’s difficult for me to sometimes talk about that period because I get so angry with the doctor.  My blood pressure actually goes up.  Almost fifteen years later and I still get just as angry about it.  It makes me realize that some things are just not that easy to let go of.

Hiding In Plain Sight

BlogHer Prompt:  Tuesday, November 26, 2013:  Tell us about the last thing you hid. As my kids get older it becomes more and more important to be more inventive each year with the hiding places I choose for their Christmas and Birthday gifts.  When they were babies it was so much easier because they couldn’t open doors yet, but now that they are about to turn fifteen (that’s a whole other blog), they have gotten quite sneaky and can easily find my hiding places. When I worked at this one place, I was able to keep their gifts there, which worked out rather nicely.  I have no idea what I am going to do this year.  There is no room where we live.  Every square inch of space is space that is required for daily living, so there are no hiding places.  I think I’m just going to order pre-wrapped gifts from Amazon, so they will still remain a surprise. 

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I’m Not Buying Whatever You’re Selling

BlogHer Prompt:  Monday, November 25, 2013:  Tell us about the last thing a person or advertisement convinced you to buy. My last really major purchase was probably my daughter’s computer.  She wanted to get into making videos and such, so we decided we would invest in a Mac rather than a PC.  I have to tell you that it is probably the best purchase I have ever made when it came to buying computers.  About the only thing I would do differently is that I would have made it a laptop instead of a desktop.  While the desktop definitely has advantages, I believe that a laptop would have suited our specific needs better. I am not typically influenced by salespeople or by advertisements when it comes to at least major purchases.  I tend to research and determine what best suits my needs first and I may have a salesperson answer questions for me, but they don’t usually influence my decision

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Love The Way You Look

BlogHer Prompt:  Thursday, November 21, 2013:  Describe an outfit that makes you feel good. (It can be from any period of your life.) Double points if you post a picture of yourself in the outfit. Before I conceived my babies, I weighed 135 pounds.  After they were born, I weighed 125 pounds and maintained that weight for about nine years.  The first picture is of me in an outfit I wore for New Years Eve one year while I still weighed that lovely 125 pounds.  I loved the way the black lace top looked on me. After I got sick when I was thirty-three years old, I gained some weight and haven’t been able to lose it completely again.  I miss being thinner.  The second picture of me is with me weighing a bit more, but I absolutely love that necklace.  It’s chainmail style and is rather heavy, but I just love the way it looks. My apologies for the

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My First Friend

BlogHer Prompt:  Tuesday, November 20, 2013:  Tell us about your first friend. I believe my first friend was a girl named Erica.  We lived in a really small town in Wisconsin at the time and she lived across the street from me.  Neither one of our families had a great deal of money, but we always managed to find things to do together.  I haven’t really thought about her in years.  I wonder how she is doing now.  Our families lost touch a long time ago, so I don’t even know where she lives now.

How Often Are You Plugged In?

BlogHer Prompt:  Tuesday, November 19, 2013:  How much of the day are you plugged in? Do you consciously set aside offline time, or does it happen whenever it happens?   When I am at home, I am always plugged in.  Either on my daughter’s Kindle or on the computer.  The only time I purposely set aside to be offline is when I sleep.  That’s not to say that I’m not offline at other times.  One does have to eat and shower and use the washroom, after all.  Grocery shopping and other errands also tend to interfere with being online. That being said, being online still can be educational as opposed to watching some of the crap that’s on television nowadays.  At least when I am online, I am reading or learning something new.  I even manage to find educational videos and such. I also don’t own a cell phone.  Well, at least not one that is operational at the moment. 

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Unpublished Writing

BlogHer Prompt:  Monday, November 18, 2013:  Tell us about a blog post that you didn’t publish.   I don’t think I’ve ever written a blog post that I haven’t published.  There have been prompts that I have chosen not to do because I couldn’t come up with something to write for them.  But I have never written something that I haven’t published yet.  Eventually I may get pickier about what I publish, but I am using this as a learning experience.  My goal is to get better with each post I write.  Sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way.  Some days I am simply way too tired and what I write just isn’t that good in my opinion.  Although, sometimes those are the days that I end up getting surprised by the response I receive.

Quitting Smoking

BlogHer Prompt:  Friday, November 15, 2013:  If you could quit one bad habit instantly without difficulty, which would it be?   I would quit smoking if I could do it instantly without difficulty.  I would want to do this for a few reasons.  First and foremost, I am still young enough that I believe that my health would vastly improve if I were to quit.  Second, and not least, is the amount of money I could save if I didn’t smoke.  I’ve already managed to cut down from three packs per day to one pack per day (maybe less, depends on the day sometimes). This has already given me a savings of: Cost per day: $10.00 Cost per week: $70.00 Cost per month: $300.00 Cost per year: $3,600.00 Cost per decade: $36,000.00 If I managed to quit, I would save an additional: Cost per day: $5.00 Cost per week: $35.00 Cost per month: $150.00 Cost per year: $1,800.00 Cost per

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The World Inside my Refrigerator

BlogHer Prompt:  Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.   I wish I could say that my refrigerator looks like this: But it actually looks like this: Except a little messier. At the moment, Salad, Mayonnaise, Soda, Lunchmeat and Cheese are five items that occupy my refrigerator.  The only thing in there that I truly have any emotion about is my soda.  Anybody who knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Pepper.  As for the rest, it is just food.  I require it to survive.  Sure, some foods I enjoy more than others (like steak and potatoes or bacon), but it is still just a requirement for survival, nothing more. Related articles Can’t Get Enough Pepper (crowarrowinc.wordpress.com) Dr. Pepper Day (crowarrowinc.wordpress.com)