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“The Core” – Movie Review

Basic premise: Some disaster befalls the planet, a group of people must save the planet from utter destruction, several members of the group die in the process, one or two members of the group manage to save the planet but must then be rescued themselves as something prevents them from making it to safety.

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Big Hero 6

Last night, my kids and I decided to watch the much talked about “Big Hero 6” movie.  I can tell you that we were definitely not disappointed.  This movie had everything that all good movies should have.  It was heartwarming, funny, action-filled, depressing and wonderful! I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who haven’t already seen it, so I won’t even mention the number of flaws that this movie had, but I do want to point out how much the characters reminded me of Teen Titans. (Although with the appearance of Stan Lee, I realized it was probably intended to resemble the X-Men… Every lover of the Marvel Universe probably hates me now…) The only one I couldn’t think of a match for was Baymax. Anyways, I really enjoyed watching this movie with my kids.  I think everyone should see it.