Dear M

December is “National Write to a Friend Month.”  Write a letter to one of your friends.  This friend can be anyone and live anywhere. Dear M, I lost track of you many years ago when we were both still teenagers.  I am 39 now with two teenage kids and living in the middle of nowhere in Texas.  I wonder what became of you. Did you get married?  Do you have children of your own?  Did any of your dreams come true?  Are you all right? I’ve thought about you nearly everyday since then.  I even have dreams about you from time to time.  I miss our friendship.  I miss the way we didn’t even need to use words most of the time to know what the other was thinking or feeling.  I miss our closeness… our bond. I’ve never had another friend like you.  Nobody has been able to compare to what we had. I hope that life has brought

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Increase Your Psychic Powers Day – October 31st

Definition:  A psychic is someone who believes they have the ability to perceive things beyond the normal five senses. Word Origin:  Camille Flammarion, a French astronomer and spiritualist is credited as having first used the term “psychic”, while it was later introduced to the English language by Edward William Cox in the 1870s. No matter what you believe, today would be a fun day to just go with it and have a little fun.  Learn a couple of card tricks and enjoy fooling your friends.  Whatever, just enjoy the day in a safe way. I am including some links for those of you who may be interested in learning ways to increase your psychic powers.  Have fun!

National Cat Day – October 29th

Random Cat Facts: 15% of all Internet traffic is connected to cats. A study from Japan shows that looking at cute animal pictures can improve productivity. Cats make 100 different sounds. The average cat weighs 12 pounds. I love cats.  I’ve had cats for as long as I can remember.  My current cat is named Dusty.  He is a gray Persian who just loves to get on your lap at the most inconvenient times.  Like when you are sleeping.  Or when you are trying to write your blog.  But he is an awesome cat and I love him to death. Do you have a cat?  Do you like cats?  What are you doing to celebrate National Cat Day?  At the moment I am trying to keep my cat out of a broken cabinet… Please post your comments below.  As always, thank you for reading! Related articles Cats Rule ( A whole bunch of cat people ( Black Cats Unfairly Maligned

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Plush Animal Lover’s Day – October 28th

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  When I was six years old my uncle bought me a stuffed seal that I named “Sitka” after the island it was supposed to come from.  I loved that seal!  His arm would cover my neck every night to protect me from vampires.  I slept with him until I was 18 years old.  At that point I had shared an apartment with my brother.  Sitka went into storage and I never saw him again.  My brother claimed that Sitka had suffered from mildew damage and he had to throw him away.  Between you and me, I was never entirely convinced this was true.  I miss Sitka to this day.  Yes, I know I am 39 years old, but it doesn’t change how I felt about that seal. So, today is Plush Animal Lover’s Day.  Do you have a favorite stuffed animal that you had while growing up?  Do you still

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Tell a Story Day – October 27th

Good Morning, Scotland!  Today we are going to gather around a nice cozy fire and tell stories!  I say this because today is Tell a Story Day in the United Kingdom but seems to be predominantly celebrated in Scotland.  The United States has a Tell a Story Day but it is celebrated on April 27th, precisely six months apart from the United Kingdom.  Take what you will from that, it seems that there are still hard feelings there apparently. I did find some discrepancies on the date of this National Day.  There were a couple of sites that listed this day as being celebrated on October 25th and not on the 27th, but more websites were showing it as being on the 27th.  So, that’s what we are going with today.  Perhaps somebody in the U.K. can help me out with that.  Which date is it? So, gather around and start telling those stories everybody!  What’s your favorite story that

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National Pumpkin Day – October 26th

Here’s a few facts you might not have known before:  The word “pumpkin” comes from the Greek word “pepon” which means “large melon”; pumpkins can be grown on every continent except Antarctica; the United States grows 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins each year; and the largest pumpkin was 1,810 pounds grown by a Wisconsin farmer. (Punchbowl, Inc., 2013) Today is basically the perfect day to go out and celebrate by buying or picking a pumpkin and carving it for Halloween.  But there are plenty of other things that you can do with your pumpkin as well.  For instance, you can use it for recipes, turn it into a liqueur, or use it to display dips for parties.  Apparently, you can even turn it into a keg for pumpkin beer!  That is totally cool.  I didn’t even know that you could do that. I’m going to include links to the websites where I found some of this wonderful information on.  Please feel

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Punk For a Day Day – October 25th

Punk Rock is a music genre that was developed between 1974 – 1976 in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.  (Sorry kids, no, you aren’t even remotely original with this one.)  Music critics in American first used the term “punk” in the early 1970s.  By 1976, bands such as the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, Television and the Ramones were formed in London and New York City.  Now we have bands such as Green Day, The Offspring and Blink-182. Regardless of its origin, Punk Rock is widely popular and today, for some unknown reason, is Punk For a Day Day.  So enjoy!  Here is a link to a website that will show you how to become a Punk Rocker:  In the meantime, enjoy these pictures that I found.  Please leave your comments below.  As always, thank you for reading!       Related articles Great-grandmother Viva Hamnell is Britain’s oldest punk rocker ( If The Sex

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Free Speech Week – October 21st – October 27th

As writers we have a deep understanding of what Freedom of Speech means.  It is essential to our very existence.  It is important so that we may feel able to write things without repercussions from outside sources.  There, of course, are limits to such freedoms.  For instance, you cannot yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater when there is no fire.  Or you cannot reveal certain information about your company when you have signed a confidentiality agreement.  Or you cannot libel somebody. There have been some cases in the news lately that have put the first Amendment to the test.  Julian Assange is probably the most famous current user of the first Amendment who has been forced to basically go into hiding because of threats of prosecution from the United States government for information that he revealed about said government.  And then there was Josi Joseph who was recently fired from his position with the White House over tweets that

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TV Talk Show Host Day – October 23rd

Does anyone remember Johnny Carson?  I remember that I used to try and stay up to watch him when I was a kid, but usually fell asleep halfway through his show.  His reign on “The Tonight Show” lasted from 1962 to 1992, a record 29 years, 7 months, 21 days and 1,859 episodes.  This day was chosen to honor him on his birthday along with other tv talk show hosts. If I had to choose my favorite hosts, it would be Johnny Carson, Oprah Winfrey and Phil Donahue (I’m pretty old-school).  Who were your favorite talk show hosts?  Please comment below.  Thank you for reading. Related articles October 23rd is TV Talk Show Host Day (

International Caps Lock Day – October 22nd

This day was first created by Derek Arnold of Iowa in 2000 as a way to poke fun at internet users who overuse the caps lock feature of the keyboard.  It ended up becoming so popular that it is now celebrated twice per year on June 28th and October 22nd. Why do we hate the caps lock button so much?  Well, for several reasons, really.  Using all caps makes your writing less effective.  For me, it will make me simply not read your writing at all, so I hope you didn’t have anything important to say.  It hurts my eyes and I can’t handle that along with the poor spelling and grammar that tends to go along with it. People also tend to interpret all caps writing as shouting or yelling.  This is true.  Especially since in a lot of cases this is exactly what people intend. It’s alright to use it for one or two words, but if you

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