How many times Do I have to remind you That “later” is a misnomer? It never arrives. Later becomes now, Which becomes later, Which becomes tomorrow, Which becomes never. When will you understand That time is relative And nothing ever happens That you could not prevent? “Later” is a heartless word That forgets time and space And remembers the random thoughts Of man’s own inadequacies. Its is not a moment Or essence of being that Relates to here and now But a failing of human existence. Later is an absence of Adequacy in endurance, Tolerance for procrastination, Endurance of space, Resilience of excuses. Written for The Daily Post

Minions of Night

The mistress of the night Set forth her minions Ordered to cause fright Throughout all her dominions Wreaking havoc throughout All the lands near and far Evil is what they are about Devilish is what they are No one is safe From the games they play Not even a waif An elf or fey All were subject To the mistress of the night Everyone must respect This magical sprite 16 LINES Inspired by:  31 days of Halloween Contest

Cemetery of Lives

The cemetery was dark and damp. Spirits hovered ‘round to live their past. Many Halloweens have come and gone. Their essence does linger and last.   The trees groan with the wind’s might. The grass creaks with their endless plight. The hallowed ground cries forevermore. The lives they lived are nevermore.   The cemetery is a sacred place. The headstones hold the stories of times gone by. Of life and love and truth and lies. Forever will the gods hear them cry.   Inspired by:  31 Days of Halloween Contest Related articles Dreams Lost ( Nature of the Witch ( Ghosts of Animals Past ( Run, Don’t Walk ( Halloween Feasts (

Nature of the Witch

Colorful leaves falling to scatter on the ground. The soft wind was blowing as the young one frowned. She didn’t wish to disappoint ancestors long since gone. The party was to last until the coming dawn.   She gathered the leaves to use for decoration. She didn’t need an unusual complication. The air smelled like the coming of the rains. She didn’t need the added pains.   The life of a witch was dependent on nature. Sometimes it could be quite the adventure. The rain will hold off for just enough time. The party would be quite sublime.   Inspired by:  31 Days of Halloween Contest Related articles The Monster Ball ( Halloween Feasts ( Thirteen ( Ghosts of Animals Past ( Queen of Witches (

Dreams Lost

The house creaked With age of time gone by The walls moaned Telling a history Of lives lost An ancient soliloquy Tattered dreams A love unrequited The child’s bear A sign of innocence Lost in nights Filled with endless nightmares   Inspired by:  31 Days of Halloween Contest  

Revenge of a Scarecrow

Scaring children is what I do best Crows dislike the way I am dressed Arms that do not move around Real life does truly astound Evil thoughts keep me alive Caring not for what they strive Revenge is what I seek On the man who made me weak Waiting in this desolation as a Scarecrow Inspired by:  31 Days of Halloween Contest and Doctor Who:  The Family of Blood