Tread Softly, My Love

William Blake’s “The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy” The smell of smoke lingered in the air.  Angelique couldn’t escape the haunting aroma.  Hundreds of years had passed; yet, when she closed her eyes she could still see Mary’s body burning as she struggled to try to escape the flames.  The reflection of the embers in Cain’s eyes.  The helplessness she felt as she watched her love burn to the ground.  Every moment was etched into her memory like an epitaph on a headstone. She gazed upon her latest acquisition in her collection of antiquities.  William Blake’s painting “The Night of Enitharmon’s Joy”.  It was an exquisite piece that spoke of a woman’s desire to be stronger than man.  Certainly it had a morbid quality about it.  But it spoke to Angelique unlike any other painting that she owned.  She understood the desire to be stronger than man better than any person possibly could. Cain took Mary from this world and, while

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Main Street was like a ghost town, except for one lit storefront.  John and Rose were making their way to that store.  Music was piped into the speakers on every street corner.  “This is Halloween” was playing as they walked down the street. “Great, that song is going to be stuck in my head all night,” Rose commented. “Don’t worry.  I’m sure there will be plenty of songs to get stuck in your head at this party,” John replied. “Are you sure about this?  There aren’t even any cars in the street,” Rose mentioned as she looked around and noticed that there really weren’t ANY cars on the street. “I’m positive,” John said.  “This is the place.”  He knocked three times on the door of the lit storefront.  The door creaked open and they made their way inside. “Everyone hail the Pumpkin King!” someone yelled in the crowd. “Hail Pumpkin King!” everyone screamed.   Rose awoke with a blazing headache. 

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Nightmare Radio

“He only did one thing well.” “What was that, Master?” “He dug the hole deep enough to hide the body.” “Yes, he did, Master.” Kayla came awake with a start. What was that buzzing noise? It took her a few moments to clear her head of the dream before she realized that her radio was making that sound. It was caught in between radio stations. That was odd. She could have sworn she had shut off the alarm before going to bed last night. Her cat must have gotten on the table during the night and pressed one of the buttons. She hated when he did that. The radio always managed to interfere with her dreams. She shut off the radio and went back to sleep. The shadowy figures hovered around a body dressed all in white. The closer Kayla got, the more she recognized of the body. It was a woman of approximate middle age with dark brown hair

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Beautiful Surrender

The melody filled my head Tormenting me beyond measure I closed my eyes Letting it consume me The haunting sound Moved my body in rhythm The spirits of the night surrounded me Pulling me towards them Filling me with pleasure and dread At the same time I moved with the darkness Dancing to its beat Something moved in the shadows Something haunting Something beautiful I danced my way towards it Letting it fill me with its wonder This beautiful surrender This music of the night Inspired by: The Speakeasy